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Focus on the best in people.

Remain humble.




Ironically, LV sued Penn State for distributing this advertisement, as it allegedly infringed LV’s trademark. Court held in favor of Penn State, not infringing!

Feels Unnatural . . .

Living day to day.

Gazing at the past, almost nostalgic.

Until a whip of fresh air consumes your nostrils. 

Gasping for air, as the room spins, and you land upside down.

But you can see more clearly.

Why now?

It feels more natural.

The fear subsides. 

You can feel the opportunities calling.

It’s time to reach deep within, until you feel your backbone pull you up, but right-side up, which feels unnatural.

I bet you’ll adjust.



Piggy Bank.


What is the first first first thing that comes to your mind?

For moi: Fashion Law


Meet Jeff. BA in Psych, Minor in Love, Life Goal: visit all 7 continents.